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Foote Evangelistic Team
Dr. Leon Foote
Rev. John Foote
265 Russell Braden Road
Covington, GA 30016
tel: 770-786-3287

Recommended by...

Our Pastor...
Dr. Scott Caudill
Canaan Baptist Church
The Foote Evangelistic Team has my heartfelt endorsement! They are faithful, supportive members of our church and show forth always their desire to reach others with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Brother Foote and his family are being used of God in a marvelous way to win souls, to edify saints, and to strengthen the family of God through their unique and effective way of telling the old, old story. I am glad to commend to you the Team without reservation. I know they will be used of God to be a blessing to your ministry.
Other Evangelists...
Rev. Lin Croxton
I believe his experience as Pastor will be a real help in any church where he conducts meetings.
Dr. Hal Webb
With no hesitation and with sincere enthusiasm I recommend Evangelist Leon Foote to Pastors...he will lift your people and bless your ministry.
Other Pastors...
Dr. Norman C. Marks
Hershey, PA
I have known Leon Foote since my college days. Leon was burdened for souls then and that burden is as strong in him as it was those 40 years ago. I heartily recommend him to the local churches who desire to reach the lost.
Dr. Bob Kern
Aliquippa, PA
We have had the Team with us for several meetings. Our church has always been strengthened and encouraged by their zeal for souls and desire to help God's people. The team is unique in that Mrs. Foote signs and also sings, giving an outreach to the deaf. A very effective puppet and youth ministry is conducted by Evangelist John Foote and his wife, Monica. Without any reservation, I wholeheartedly recommend them.