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Video of Memorial Service, 27 Sep 2011

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Audio of Memorial Service, 27 Sep 2011

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Call to Worship
Scripture Reading - John 14:1-6
Hymn 483 - O, How I Love Jesus!
Special Music - My Song of Jesus
Hymn 431 - I Love To Tell The Story
Special Music - It's In His Name
Messages from the Family - Dave Webb
Messages from the Family - Barry Webb
Hymn 511 - Face to Face
Special Music - Walking On High Places
Message - Pastor Phil Hunt
Hymn 256 - It Is Well With My Soul

  I was saved under the ministry of Dr. Webb and Babcock in 1976 in Ogden, Pa. The Lord has richly used them and the saying is true, he is "promoted to Glory". We now serve as an extension of his ministry in Brownsville, Pa.
  Praise His Great Name for the years of faithful service!!!
  Pastor Gary Smith
  Bible Baptist Church
  729 Lewis St
  Brownsville, Pa 15417

  My story is not unlike countless others that as a young lad of 12, heard God's calling during one of the preaching messages by Hal Webb. That evening I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my savior. Details of that message, now some 50 years later, is still fresh in my mind. Whenever the Hal Webb Team was in the Southern New Jersey area, my parents would take me along with some friends to hear the Gospel preached. As was the common practice Hal would select a young person to "assist" him with gospel magic. On two separate occasions I was the one fortunate to be selected. Of course after each time I was left with that question of all questions "How did he do that? I was standing right there." Those events planted the seed of doing gospel magic. It was not until my college years I performed my first gospel magic presentation of which I am still doing today. Thank you Lord in sending a faithful servant that impacted my life in these many ways. To God be the glory.
  Paul G.
  Raleigh, North Carolina

  For many, many years Hal Webb was my Dad's best friend until [my Dad's] death in 1995. Benjamin Taylor loved Hal and his ministry that he and Theron brought to my Dad's church for 18 years. I always knew when Hal and Nell Sue were coming over because my Mom and Dad had Monday's off and a big meal was being planned by my Mom but most importantly, my Dad was down in his "train room" getting ready to "play trains" all day with Hal. Nell Sue and my Mom were great friends and would love to sit and have tea and shop or just talk all day. Great friends are hard to come by and this couple meant the world to my parents. I am sure Hal and Ben and my Mom, Caroline are rejoicing today as they sit at Jesus feet listening to the Heavenly Angels sing His praises.
  Oh how those two men loved the Lord and through their preaching many souls are now in Heaven with both of them! But for relaxation (and all Preachers need to relax just like other people) they would play with their model trains and have a little competition with each other on who could build something new on their train platforms before the other one got to visit the next month! My Dad had a Bible verse that he used many time in "playing" with Hal. The verse is found in Isaiah 6:1 says, In the year that King Uzziah died I saw the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and His train filled the temple." (KJV) This always brought a smile to both their faces and said, "you see, even the Lord had His trains and they filled the temple"!!!
  I still remember as a young person that when the Hal Webb Team came to our church we knew we would be going to church every night that coming week. But somehow it never seemed so bad, in fact we really liked it. We not only got to see our friends each night, but we got to hear a NEW song written by Theron and Gospel Magic performed by Hal himself. We all wanted to be the one that gave Theron the "theme" to write his song during the offering. I believe he wrote "Why worry when you can pray" at our church in Vineland, NJ. Hal always asked for a helper in his gospel magic lesson. I never got picked and I always wanted to be up there so I could figure out how he did the magic so to speak. We never could figure it out!
  Theron and Hal always parked their motor home in our back yard. I felt very privileged to have been a P. K. because it meant that we got to see them every morning as well as every night. The seemed "famous" to us. I guess they really were since they traveled the entire United States to hold their meetings. Many people got saved at the Tabernacle in Vineland and I know many lives were changed because of their ministry.
  My family and I will pray for you as a family as you take time to remember all the memories you have of you dear Husband and Father. What a heritage he has left to you all. I want to thank you for allowing me to write this as a tribute to Dr. Hal Webb.
  Sincerely and rapture ready,
  Margie and Conrad C.

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